The COSAC (Aerospace Sectoral Committee of Certification) is the French organization ensuring the certification of  Non Destructive testing Operators in the Aeronautics and Space fields.


The COSAC exerts this function as Sectoral Comité of the COFREND (French Confederation for the Non-destructive Testing).

It is certification body within the meaning of the European standard EN 45013.


The majority of the COSAC services  being realized for adherent companies to the GIFAS (Grouping of French Aeronautical and Space Industries), the policy as regards certification (choice and evolution of the reference frame) is defined in dialog with the GIFAS Quality Commission .


The AFENDA (French Association for the Non-Destructive Testing in Aerospace industry) is an association with non lucrative goal which ensures:

  • Secretariat of the COSAC (Council, Office, Work groups),
  • Administrative management of certifications in bond with the employers, the COSAC and the Exam Centers Approved by the COSAC.