The COSAC is the Aerospace Sectoral Certification Committee of the French Non-Destructive Tests Confederation (COFREND).

Its main mission is the certification of the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Operators in the Aerospace domain.

Since 1979, the cosac organizes and control certifications in NDT techniques most usually used.

Currently it certified more than 4000 people, of course in France but also in more than 20 other countries out of the five continents.

Certifications are performed according to the European EN 4179 and American NAS 410 standards.

The COSAC certifies people in the following methods:


Currently all the branches of aerospace industry are represented:

  • main manufacturers of cells, engines and undercarriages (EADS, SAFRAN, DASSAULT AVIATION, AIRBUS, ASTRIUM Space Transportation...),
  • Aeronautical and space equipment manufacturers ( SKF Aeroengine France, ...),
  • French and foreign subcontractors and co-operating (NDT Expert, ...),
  • Users (Air France, Armée de l'Air Française, ...)
  • Repairers of aeronautical materials (MESSIERService, les AIA, ...),
  • Rough, semi finished or finished products suppliers (ALTRAN RHENALU, AUBERT & DUVAL...).

A General meeting elects the members of the Council.

The AFENDA ensures the secretariat of the COSAC and has in charge the management of certifications.



COSAC organization